Bury and Rochdale Local Dental Committee

has existed in varying forms since about 1948.

It helps create a forum and representation for dentists of the area. The LDC communicates nationally and regionally with other similar LDCs, and in our own area with the Local area team of NHS England, with local councils and other commissioners of dental services. The Area Team is bound by statute to take advice regarding the provision of dentistry and oral health care from representatives of the local dental profession.

The LDC is most concerned to help dentists provide high quality, ethical, safe dental care for patients who are treated in the locality.

The LDC is funded solely by contributions from dental practitioners.

The LDC is led by several officers; a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Access to this site is limited to current members, who are dentists working in Bury, Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton, Lancashire.

To enquire about membership, please contact us: Click here

Please include your full name and details of the practice(s) that you work at in the email.